News: April 2020

It had been my intention to release a new book of music every six months. However, the coronavirus situation has made me rethink, so here are all the books of my piano music composed between 2003 and 2019.

1. 24 Preludes
2. Classical Pieces
3. Modal Pieces
4. Piano Sonatas
5. Preludes & Fugues 1-12
6. Preludes & Fugues 13-24
7. Postmodern Pieces

These are not in chronological order and in fact most of my work has been revised at least once, and sometimes several times, before I have become sufficiently happy to release it. Details of the first three books appear on other pages of this website. If you are a pianist based in the UK who might be interested in one or more of the other books, please do contact me. (The standard of difficulty is from ABRSM Grade 6 upwards, but many of the pieces in the later books require Grade 8 or above.) I can print individual copies of any of the books 3 to 7.

My chamber music is less organised (but there is less of it). I will post further information in due course!

David Pennycuick

David Pennycuick Music

A Wider Audience

One of the reasons for this website is that I am keen for my music to reach a wide audience, so I should be delighted for it to be performed at concerts or recorded.

Please do get in touch if you are a pianist interested in performing or recording.

David Pennycuick Music