Book of 24 Preludes by David Pennycuick.   The first book of David’s sheet music contains the full set of 24 Preludes, one in each key. There are 80 pages of printed music in A4 size, and a couple of blank pages to assist with minimizing the number of page turns. The cover is laminated, and the binding is designed to enable the pages to lie flat when open. The standard needed to play each piece varies, but it is broadly within the range of Grade 5 to Grade 8 of the ABRSM.  See below for two sample pages.

Complimentary single copies of the book are available to pianists based in UK.  Please email me at david@musicforinsomniacs.com if you would like a copy of the book, including your name and U.K. postal address. (In view of postal costs this offer is only available to pianists based in the U.K.)

Here are recordings of two of the preludes, played by the pianist Viv McLean.

First is the Prelude in G flat major: Moderato (opus 19, no. 14)

And now the Prelude in D minor: Adagio (opus 19, no. 23)

Four more of the Preludes were included in a recital by the Korean pianist Grace Yeo at the Sunderland Pianoforte Society in November 2019.  They were no. 20 in E flat major (Andante), no. 21 in G minor (Andante), no. 24 in F major (Allegro) and no. 6 in D major (Allegretto).  Here is a live recording of Grace’s performance of the four pieces.


Book of 24 Preludes by David Pennycuick. The first series of sheet music is available now and is presented as a book