A book of my five piano sonatas is now available.  The sonatas are:

          1. Sonata in C Major (opus 3 no.1)   Allegretto – Allegro molto;  Andante (Fuga);  Allegretto (Scherzo);  Largo – Allegro molto (Finale)
          2. Sonatina in E Minor (opus 3 no.2)  Allegretto ma non troppo;  Larghetto;  Allegretto
          3. Sonata in C Minor (opus 8)  Allegro ma non troppo;  Largo con variazione;  Allegro molto (Scherzo); Allegretto (Rondo)
          4. Sonata in G Minor (opus 9)  Allegro moderato;  Adagio – Andante (Arietta);  Allegretto (Danza);  Allegro (Finale)
          5.  Sonata in G Major (opus 22)  Allegretto (tempo di minuetto);  Theme & Variations;  Largo con espressione;  Allegro


      Here are computer generated files of two movements.  First, the third movement (Scherzo & Trio) from the Sonata in C Minor.

      Now the fourth movement (Allegro) from the Sonata in G Major.

    I can offer a home printed copy of the book free to pianists based in UK.  Please email me (see contact page) if you are interested.