My book of Modal Pieces is now complete (October 2019).  The pieces are:

1.  Prelude
2.  Fugue in C
3.  Scherzo
4.  Invention 1
5.  Fugue in B flat
6.  Chorale
7.  Invention 2
8.  Fugue in D
9.  March
10. Adagio
11.  Fugue in E
12. Ode
13. Invention 3
14. Fugue in A flat
15. Toccata
16. Gavotte
17. Fugue in G flat
18. Prelude & Variations
19. Étude
20. Capriccio
21. Toccata

The first seventeen pieces form a sequence. Many of the pieces are based on an enneadic scale (9 notes of the 12 note chromatic scale, omitting a major triad). Other pieces are in a Mode of Limited Transposition as defined by Messiaen. The book includes technical notes which explain this in more detail.

Here are computer generated files for four of the pieces. As usual they sound a lot better on a real piano.  The sequence is perhaps best listened to late at night, or in the middle of the night if you can’t sleep!  Not sure that this applies to the Toccata.

3. Scherzo

8. Fugue in D

13. Invention 3

21. Toccata

Some of the pieces are of ABRSM Grade 8 standard (or above), but some are considerably easier than that. The work is to some extent experimental. However I am currently offering  complimentary copies to pianists who are interested. Please email me at if you would like a copy of the book, including your name and U.K. postal address. (In view of postal costs this offer is only available to pianists based in the U.K.)